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Across the Sea

Across the Sea

Serving Christ's Kingdom around the world

Christ Presbyterian Church partners with many missionaries and missions agencies around the world


Mission to the World

Bruce Young

Bob Burnham

Doug & Masha Shepherd

Ruth Dinkins

Presbyterian Mission International

Khen Tombing

Gathering Hearts

Gary & Sheryl Kuney

Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship

Paddy Cook

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Ron Reisinger


Paul Huey

Kevin & Julie Calcote

Literacy Evangelism International

Bob Mulloy


Sila Ndunda

Serving in Missions

Andre Noureaux

International Community Outreach


Uganda Orphanage


The Chalmers Center


Independent Missionaries

Judi Boyer

CPC supports and participates in mission work in East Asia, the Phillipines, India, Ukraine, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Middle East, Europe, Benin, Japan, Brazil, Honduras, and International Students from all over the world in the U.S.

International Missions Team

The IMT meets the first Monday of each month to pray for our missionaries and mission agencies and to find ways to support and encourage both our missionaries in their work and the CPC congregation to be more missional in their daily lives by giving, going and praying. Our team meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend and all CPC members are eligible to join the IMT.

Missionary Care Team

The Missionary Care Team is a group of CPC members that seek to encourage our supported missionaries by contacting them on a regular basis (usually monthly) to let them know that we care, that we are praying for them and to be their advocate at CPC. If you would like to join this group contact the Church office, one of the IMT or send an email to Countries with Workers.